Keto-Burst Ultra-Fast Ketosis Supplement

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Experience the benefits of elevating your ketones! All-natural,

zero-carb Keto-Burst exogenous ketone supplement rapidly fuels

mental and physical performance and naturally supports

weight management. Our ultra-fast ketosis, natural energy

drink is clinically proven to induce ketosis regardless of diet.

Plus, it tastes great and is only 10 calories!

The body naturally creates ketones as one of its energy sources.

By increasing the level of ketones in the body (ketosis), it may

trigger the body to burn stored fat as its preferred fuel source

instead of stored glucose (carbs), which can lead to fat loss. Also,

it provides lasting natural energy (with no jitters), mental clarity,

and appetite suppression (including reduced carb cravings).

Drinking sugar-free Keto-Burst, you can experience many of the

benefits from increasing the active ketone levels in your body

without cutting carbs. If you are on a low-carb or ketogenic

diet, B-KETO can greatly boost the effects of the diet. It is

designed to support the body in quickly achieving and

maintaining ketosis.

Keto-Burst contains a powerful dose (3,000 mg) of the novel,

breakthrough KETOBHBATM complex – a patented exogenous

ketone formulation backed by scientific research and clinically

proven to signal the body to naturally produce ketones and

contribute to ketosis. It has been found to work almost

instantly, have longer-lasting effects, and be more effective

than other exogenous ketone supplements with BHB alone.

BENEFITS MAY INCLUDE: • Facilitates Ketosis and Ketogenesis • Supports Fat Burning and Weight Management • Suppresses Appetite and Cravings • Provides Lasting Natural Energy (with no jitters) • Improves Mental Clarity and Focus • Boosts Physical Stamina and Endurance (great pre-workout) PRODUCT DETAILS: • Fast-Acting, Zero-Carb Ketone Supplement/Natural Energy Drink • Contains 3,000 mg KETOBHBATM – Patented Exogenous Ketone Complex • Great-Tasting, Natural Grape Flavor • All Natural, Low Calorie, Sugar Free Gluten Free, and Low Sodium

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